Dot Comisky (dotslayer) wrote,
Dot Comisky

What's Your Superpower?

OK, so doc_carlos 's last post started me thinking about invisibility, which sort of inspired this:
Stop the clock! Your inner superpower is TIME TRAVEL! Your answers show a keen sense of insight for all the mysteries of time. Whether you enjoy reminiscing about thepast or find yourself lost in thoughts of the future, your energies definitely point away from the present. Maybe you're mere seconds ahead or behind the rest of us, but you could also be days or even years out of sync. Your unique position in time and space gives you a wider perspective on daily events and makes you an especially wise person. You're probably a great planner. And since time is yours to play with, it's almost a given that you manage it well. If you haven't yet taken a trip through the fourth dimension, you're in for the ride of your life. Don't delay! Visit the future. Fix the past. And when you come across a very special moment, make it last as long as you like.

What's Your Superpower?

So, this one is kind of cool. It's not the sort of thing I had pictured, but it makes me think. When I was younger (pre real superpowers), I think one of my favorites was stretching (like Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man). I don't know what one I'd want now. Time travel seems hugely tempting, which is probably a bad thing because I would mess things up somehow. I also don't feel like I have mastery of time right now, and in fact I feel it ticking a lot, but maybe that just makes sense.
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