Dot Comisky (dotslayer) wrote,
Dot Comisky

Reflections and Plans

OK, as predicted before, we took out Devins. Well, sort of. Really I understand it was Kat who foiled his plans (launching some kind of missle) and his own stupidity which took him out (getting arrested as a terrorist). Really, I was just involved in our side of things which was saving the world. And I didn't even do that. Max cast a spell to give Uma a choice before she went all evil, and I guess Carlos convinced her to choose correctly.

Now that I'm in it, working for Monique is not really bad -- certainly not as bad as I was expecting (which admittedly isn't saying much). The offices are still mostly the same. Well, except Roberta left and Carlos quit. Carlos: I don't really understand the real estate thing, but it seems Roberta still has rights to the building but she's subletting out to Monique who (quite rightly) doesn't think she can get us to move out to Walnut Creek. She's apparently planning to build out a replacement Vampster server farm in Walnut Creek -- with 24-hour SA's and security people. She gave an icky talk last week about how we were "her creative team", but it amounted to that we still control the Vampster design while her people take over more the administration.

Just so we're clear -- my super-secret plan is that I don't want to have to job search just to go on leave in a few months. I plan to stick around until I pop and rake in the nice benefits which Roberta set up and required Monique to maintain. From that point, I'm going to take at least a year doing just baby + slaying rather than baby + web design + slaying. Actually, I'm not sure how long I'll be out of the slaying business, but I expect I'll have to pick it up again before too long.
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