Dot Comisky (dotslayer) wrote,
Dot Comisky

Late-night Thoughts

Dude, this is weird -- blogging and patrolling at the same time. So I finally managed to get Brigid to sleep. You know, I wonder if it's the pregnancy thing, but I'm starting to accept KMEL. So, like Aaliyah used to mean sure-fire retching sounds from me. It makes me long for oldies like Roxanne Shante or Lauryn Hill. But I've been listening to a bunch of the femmy hip-hop stuff, because Brigid will sit through it so much better. And while it is totally mocking to say that it puts babies to sleep, I do find that I'm able to stand it better now.

Anyhow, I think everyone is getting along well -- but we really need to get together more so we can plan about what to do. I'd like to get everyone's input on this, especially Roberta's.
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