Dot Comisky (dotslayer) wrote,
Dot Comisky

Concerns about my duplication

Sigh. It seems like some people are concerned about the whole duplication thing, that it's somehow bad for me -- or that I should "switch off" to bring my more superpowered Slaying half to do more babysitting and have my more reading, web-designing, and mommy half presumably go out patrolling or something.

But what people may not see is that it's all me. I am spending 100% of my time fighting evil, and 100% of my time taking care of our home, website, and Brigid. That's what I wanted, and as it turns out, because of the woman I love, that was what I got. I may even be a bit greedy and also wish that people would stop looking for the subtle cues about which me is which. We're both really the same person -- the same person who you knew before. I just hope you all can look past surface things like "how strong is this version of Dot" and just have fun hanging out with me, either of me.
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