January 10th, 2006

My Start on a Plan

So I'm about to head out on patrol tonight -- as well as taking care of the baby. Damn but I love my honey and her spells!! Being in two places at once rocks. So right now I'm just patroling for baddies, and checking the mortuary again -- but I think we've got to get a handle on our plan. I'm not sure of everything, but from what I have thus far, here's my ordering...

1) Take on the FBI conspiracy -- they're the most mundane ones. So let's press Rufus for information on it, and also spy a bunch on Anton. We should at a minimum search his office, home, and computer files. Hopefully we'll find enough to give us pointers where these guys are based -- quite possibly D.C. Taking a plane would probably give them warning, so let's be prepared for a road trip. If we can get where they are, then let's knock on the head bee-atch's door and take her out.

2) Chat up Ariel a bit. We know we can trust it, since it'll be one of our allies. After the ice is broken, I want to try to make a deal with it -- that Ariel sells out the cat-creature (that's Chris or another one of its kind). I don't want to pick a fight with Ariel by capturing its buddy Chris, so best to get permission and conditions. Hopefully Ariel will agree, so we capture Chris and interrogate it using that truth-sensing spell.

3) Keep our eyes and ears open for the flood monsters and the agents. If we do the road trip, perhaps we should visit New Orleans to try some poking around, spell casting, and research there. We know less about these things.

Hopefully after we do that, we'll have a better idea of what to do next.

Late-night Thoughts

Dude, this is weird -- blogging and patrolling at the same time. So I finally managed to get Brigid to sleep. You know, I wonder if it's the pregnancy thing, but I'm starting to accept KMEL. So, like Aaliyah used to mean sure-fire retching sounds from me. It makes me long for oldies like Roxanne Shante or Lauryn Hill. But I've been listening to a bunch of the femmy hip-hop stuff, because Brigid will sit through it so much better. And while it is totally mocking to say that it puts babies to sleep, I do find that I'm able to stand it better now.

Anyhow, I think everyone is getting along well -- but we really need to get together more so we can plan about what to do. I'd like to get everyone's input on this, especially Roberta's.