Dot Comisky (dotslayer) wrote,
Dot Comisky

Ten Things Meme

Ten things that I've done and you probably haven't:

1) Been electrified, died, and revived... while pregnant!
2) Given birth at 16 with no drugs.
3) Talked to a dream-stealing demon via Mac Help.
4) Thrown a vampire at a bunch of FBI guys.
5) Fallen for a jerk with a Crown of Lothario.
6) Head-butted an walking HumVee.
7) Threatened to sue an evil nanotechnologist.
8) Apologized to someone for letting his head be chopped off.
9) Thrown/toppled a Porsche onto a demon.
10) Been impregnated by the woman I love.

You know, it feels more impressive now that I write it out, but I guess that's the point. I probably wouldn't have written #1, #2, or #10 just a short time ago -- but this is the new, more open, more in-touch-with-herself me. Roar!
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